Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The owner and operator of service is Instytut Terapii Komórkowych S.A., hereinafter referred to "ITK". ITK is responsible for the contents of that service and for processing of information compiled in it.

Information collection policy

The internet service processes personal data according to binding applicable standards. All queries submitted to us will be processed subject to principles of confidentiality and professional secrecy. Personal data and electronic mail addresses would not be used for any other purpose than granting answers to the submitted query, and in particular they would not be used to transmit in the future trade information concerning other services than those that are directly connected with the submitted query, nor would they be passed on to any third parties, unless the user clearly grants consent to receiving trade information and/or other forms of contacts.

About cookies

The service collects automatically only information that is contained in cookie files. Cookie files (the so-called “cookies”) are digital data, including text files, which are contained in the user’s final device (e.g. computer, telephone, tablet etc.) and are designated to make use of service webpages. As a rule cookies contain the name of the webpage from which they originate, the period of their storage in the final device and a unique number.

Cookies may be used to (i) adapt contents of webpages to user’s specific preferences and to optimise the use of webpages; in particular those files allow identifying the user’s device and display a webpage accordingly, appropriately to the user’s individual needs (ii) generate statistics that permit understanding ways in which webpages are used by the users, which in turn enable improving their structure and contents, (iii) maintain sessions of webpage users (after logging in), thanks to which the user does not have to enter the login and password on each subpage of the given service.

There are two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are of a temporary nature, and are kept in the user’s final device until the time of logging out, leaving the webpage or switching off of the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are kept in the user’s final device for a period defined in cookie parameters or until they are removed by the user.

The following types of cookies are in use: (a) indispensable cookies, which allow the use of applications available in the service, such as authorising cookie files used for services that require authorisation under the service; (b) cookies used to assure safety, e.g. used to discover abuse related to authorisation within the service; (c) performance cookie files, which allow collection of information related to ways of using service webpages; (d) functional cookie files, which allow saving settings selected by the user and personalisation of the user interface, e.g. with respect to the selected language or region from which the user originates, font size, design of the webpage etc.; (e) advertising cookie files, which allow providing to the users diverse advertising contents more appropriate to their interests.

Blocking or limiting cookie files by the user

In many cases software used for browsing (browser) offers the possibility of keeping cookies in the user’s final device as default. Users are free to change all settings concerning cookie files any time they wish; leaving cookie files in settings of the internet browsers on the user’s device may also be blocked, or in addition it is guaranteed that the user would be informed about each case when they are provided in the device. Specific information concerning possibilities and methods of handling cookies is available in software settings (Internet browser).

Nevertheless it should be borne in mind that disabling cookie files may affect the correctness and/or quality of operation as well as convenience of the use of certain Internet services, In particular certain Internet services may cease to operate, and for this reason disabling cookies is not recommended.

Cookie files of third parties

The service uses in particular Google statistics and cookie files to appraise the effectiveness of its own activities and of conducted information campaigns as well as to analyse the traffic of visitors on the webpage of Cookie files of Google may in particular be provided on the user’s computer after clicking or viewing an information campaign. They do not contain any personal data or contact information. The objective of their provision is to measure the effectiveness of the information campaign and to identify whether specific contents related to the information campaign made the user take up the desired action on the website Explicit information concerning the use of information compiled thanks to cookies by Google may be found on the webpage of Google Privacy Centre. We also recommend becoming acquainted with the page ofManager of advertisement preferences.

Third parties (external suppliers), such as also Google, may use websites that make their advertising area available to display information campaigns published by ITK. Such suppliers, including also Google, may use cookie files or images such asweb beacon to compile information on websites, and then to display advertisements on the basis of previous visits of users on particular sites of service or other sites related to ITK, as well as other websites. It is also possible to withdraw from this option and to block those Google cookies on the webpage: GooglePrivacy Centre.

ITK may carry out information campaigns on the basis of the user’s previous visits on thewww.itkmed.plwebpage, as well as available statistically information concerning the user’s interests identifies according to sites visited earlier on to present its offer or to attract the user to revisit thewww.itkmed.plwebsite. Such information campaigns will not contain any personal data of the user, or suggest in an unambiguous way that the user had performed a specific action on the website of

ITK may in particular apply the function of dynamic advertisement displaying in its campaigns, in which case use is made of the Teracent cookie, the use of which may be disabled on theTeracentwebpage, as well as DoubleClick remarketing pixels, which may be blocked on theDoubleClickwebpage  or on the Network Advertising Initiativesite. Persons particularly interested in issues of privacy protection and possibilities of compiling information by advertisers concerning users of webpages are invited to become acquainted with the website Network Advertising Initiative.

Personal data and privacy protection

Each user that has submitted to us his or her personal data and/or contact information will have the possibility of reviewing their personal data and make the necessary corrections.

We also assure the possibility of withdrawal from such options as receiving upcoming trade information by electronic mail, initiating telephone calls by us and using other direct communication methods necessary to carry out for example a market analysis, studying client satisfaction etc.

If a message sent by us does not contain appropriate information concerning ways for unsubscribing from receiving similar messages, or if for any reason the submitted withdrawal proves to be ineffective, please contact us directly by electronic mail, indicating the scope of direct communication we wish to abstain from for trade purposes, as well as personal data and contact information they concern, along with other prospective circumstances. We will do our best to take all notifications into consideration without unnecessary delay. Before we make the required changes in our databases, we reserve the right to verify whether the notification really comes from the person whose data are indicated in it by sending a verification notification or by making confirmation by way of a telephone call.

Our contact data, also information concerning this Privacy Policy, are available on the websitewww.itkmed.plin bookmarkContact.