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This section is addressed to you – doctors interested in use of mesenchymal stem cells in disease therapies. Below we are going to publish articles on that subject.

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The article presents the analysis eficacy of stem cell therapy in ALS.

The article presents the process of validation of the international ALS

Safety of intrathecal injection of Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis therapy.pdf

The article presents the analysis safety and clinical effects of stem cell therapy in ALS. The co-authors of the articles are members of the Institute Medical Team.

Recent advances in ALS - novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches

In this article was review the state of research on the use of stem cell Therapy in the treatment of ALS and discussed the most promising stem cells for the treatment of ALS

In this review was summarized a variety of explored mechanisms by which MSCs play a role in ALS progression, including neuronal and non neuronal cell replacement, trophic factor delivery and modulation of the immune system.

In this review was presented pathogenic mechanism associated with ALS oand the new therapeutic approaches including mesenchymal stem cells using.

Safety and immunological effects of intrathecal and intravenous administration of autologous mesenchymal stem cells with multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, clinical trial phase I/II, 15 patients with MS and 19 patients with ALS.

Overview cell sources and applications of the stem cell therapy for treatment of MS, challenges including those associated with administration route, immune responses to grafted cells, integration of these cells to existing neural circuits and risk of tumor growth.

Confirmation feasibility, safety and well tolerated in autologous MSC transplantation in MS

This study described in the article aims to evaluate variations in the cytokine profile of multiple sclerosis patients treated with autologous MSC.

In the article was characterized 3 types of MSCs isolated from bone marrow, umbilical cord and adipose tissue.

Report the results of a phase I/IIa clinical study conducted in Taiwan to primarily evaluate the safety, tolerability and the possible efficacy of intravenous administration of allogenic adipose tissue - derived MSCs from healthy donor in Spinocerebellar ataxias